Customizing figures can be fun. When you become a fan of a toy, sometimes custom figures become the natural next best step. I come up with ideas from time to time, and wanted to place them on this website for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy them.

Custom Figures
Arctic Recondo - Having plenty of spare parts from Big Ben and White Out figures plus a single head of a Tiger Force Recondo, I thought the impossible would be intresting!

Beowolf - This figure is from extra parts I had and didn't know what to do with. I joined the parts just to keep them together so they didn't move around my extra parts bag. When I did, he basically took on his own look. Read stories about Beowolf here.

Recondo - Spy Troop figures are really nice looking. They did very well with the sculpting. I just didn't care for the change made to Recondo. As they say, if you want something done a certain way you gotta do it yourself...

Super Trooper - Wouldn't it be cool if Hasbro could borrow license from other companies and present some cool figures? Here's an update to Super Trooper that would require just that!

Tundra Viper - I wanted to see what could be done with a figure after taking one of the gun belts off, plus Big Ben has the eyes of a Cobra trooper! This is the result of that idea put together.

Tundra Viper Elite - I had to get rid of another Big Ben I had, and giving this guy a Viper style helmet made him look like the best of the best arctic trooper Cobra could offer!

Custom Vehicles
Flight Pod II - This is a custom of a possible version 2 "Trubble Bubble". There's a story to go along with this custom, just check out the page for more!

Figure and Vehicle Customs
Firebat II - The original Firebat was a great vehicle made by Hasbro for Cobra. It's hard to top. This custom isn't meant to top it, but it does prove to be a great addition. I also decided to update the A.V.A.C. pilot.

Shadow L.I.F.T. - This cool Star Wars ship was clearanced for $1.97! I had seen another custom done on another page and the idea to make a stealth plane hit me. I also converted the Star Wars figure to be a G.I.Joe figure.

Custom Weapons
PAC RATS II - This is a custom using the Battlebot toys. It's an update for the Pac Rat remote units.

G.I.Joe Legos - I tried my hand at customizing some G.I.Joe figures. The results were great from what everyone tells me!

Kubrick Cobra Commander - I didn't actually make a Kubrick Cobra Commander, though it wouldn't be that hard. I just did a drawing to show an idea what a Cobra Commander might could look like. Maybe one day I'll actually put one of these together.


Cobra Hiss IV - The Cobra Hiss IV is an item that really needs blueprints to let a kid know what it's all about. The cockpit raising up seems odd, and it would be easier to just list it in a blueprint as if it were a "real" vehicle to say how it works and an idea of why. Here's what could have been!

Night Attack Chopper - The Night Attack Chopper is a really great G.I.Joe item. The blueprints however isn't that great at all. It has descriptions of the toy, not the fun we always loved that the blueprints used to be. The blueprints used to give description of the vehicle as if it were real. This was always fun and I decided to redo the Night Attack Chopper blueprints to be like the originals.

Sand Razor - I was impressed by the Sand Razor. So much so that I bought 2! The blueprints is another story. Nobody wants a toy with blueprints telling you about THE TOY! Hehe. We want it to sound "real"! Well, here's an update to give the Sand Razor a better blueprint.

Tips For Your Own Customs

There are some ideas I've come up with the people want to know more about how it's done. This is the area you'll find the information!

I'll cover everything as well as I can, including the big question, "How do I get started on making my own custom?" You'll get a great idea of each thing I present, of at least I hope you will, and will be able to walk away knowing you too can do this!

Figure Modifications
Hip Articulation for 2002 Figures - Maybe you've thought about doing it but you didn't know how? Maybe you knew how but just couldn't work out the details? Now here's a step by step on how to add hip articulation to the all new 2002 wave 1 figures!

Modeling Clay - A great site with a breakdown comparison of various clay and sculpting materials.

Painting - Have you ever had a great idea but found that you can't complete the project because you have to paint your figure in places where you fear that the paint will scratch off? Read this tip and you'll be a little better off.

Stickers - Need stickers for you dull looking custom and have no idea what to do? Click here and you'll have that project dressed up and looking great in a few easy steps.

Swivel Wrist - The biggest thing so many people want added to the original G.I.Joe figure! This is an easy task to take on. The trick is having the tools. Click and read how YOU can add this to your figures.

Sticker Sheets

Do you need some stickers for your custom vehicles but have no idea how to do it? Here's a place to get some generic graphics for both G.I.Joe and Cobra.

To apply these, download the files below and open them on your favorite graphics program. Insert sticker sheet paper into your printer and print these out. Once you have them on a sheet, carefully cut out the stickers the way you'd like. Apply in the locations you'd like and enjoy. A helpful hint, you might spray a light coat of clear coat over the stickers to insure their longevity.

G.I.Joe Cobra

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