When Hasbro first announced Wave 5, the Spy Troops, and Recondo was to be included in the bunch, we all wondered what he was going to look like. We first caught an idea when some prototypes showed up on Ebay. Right away there he was without his trademark hat and moustache.

When they first started showing up in stores it was clear that Spy Troops had a high level of detail. Hasbro did some nice work here. Recondo however still looked like an all new character just carrying the name Recondo. He just still did not look right to me. I kept trying to decide that yeah maybe you can say he shaved off the moustache. Maybe you can say he just decided to wear a different hat too. It just still wouldn't work for me.

Finally I sat down with some clay and went to work. It wasn't long before he started looking like Recondo to me. I had even thought about changing the outfit somewhat, but once the head sculpt was finished, he looked fine. All that was used is just some Super Sculpey. The hat the figure wears is easy to cut off with an exacto. Then just simply paint and you have it. I thought over several different colors for his hat. I was thinking either the color of his gloves and boots, or the color of his pants, green like his belt and arm straps, or tan. I finally decided on the tan because all the other colors were too dark and made his head stand out too much. A military guy isn't going to want his head looking like a target. The tan blends perfect with him.

Below I have several different shots of Recondo including 2 before I painted him. Those 2 will give you some clues on how to do one for yourself!


Image 1
Image 2


Image 1

Image 2

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