The concept "Expanded Universe" Snow Speeder has a natural stealth look about it. When I found one for $1.97 I knew I had to give this a try. I also had seen a custom done with this vehicle on General Hawk's page called Kamikaze w/ B.O.L.T.. It was developed as a future fighter. I thought it was really cool.

I didn't want to throw out the pilot either, and as I looked him over I found that I could turn him into a G.I.Joe figure fairly easy. As I did this though, he ended up taller. This took care of himself by saying he was a basketball player. Hey it works!

Saying this were real and going by how it would work in the G.I.Joe world, it is a fully developed stealth vehicle that does not show up on most radars at all. Those radars that can detect it are highly advance, and even with them, it sees a "sparrow" bird. It can fly so low to the ground at full velocity that a person would have to duck when seeing it coming. There is a forward obsticle compensation unit that will auto adjust the height of the vehicle judging on anything picked up laying on the ground ahead of it.

The landing gears are absent. There is an experimental hover lander unit on the craft. This device can only work for a short time and is used for landing and taking off only. Hover technology is still in early phases and works at a maximum of 15 minutes before overheating. Each landing, the unit must be maintained with a refilling of the hydraulic fluids and other minor needs.

It has a series of guns that are it's complete defense/offense. It has a single missle below that is named "slamdunk".

Below you'll find more images of the stealth plane and the blueprints of the Shadow L.I.F.T.

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Freethrow was just a way of making full use of everything that came with the Star Wars vehicle. I cut the figure up and carved out the pieces I wanted to keep as part of Freethrow. I then took a CORPS! figure and carved it down so these parts would fit to make a full figure.

I named this figure Freethrow due to the basketball roots I gave him. He ended up being taller than a G.I.Joe figure and it was as a good a way as any I felt to explain his larger size. What actually happened is his neck and lower legs are a little too long. It could easily be fixed, but I kind of grew into his new given personality.

I used Citadel and Game Workshop paints to paint him. A large amount of Squadron putty was used to fill in gaps. A coat of a good clearcoat locked in the detail. He's still by no means as "ready to play" as a fresh figure from the pack. The paint can chip. Not many people have yet to figure out how to make the paint hold like it does on a straight fatory figure.

Fanfic of Freethrow can be found here.

The parts used to make this figure were: The Arms (a C.O.R.P.S. S.T.A.R. FORCE figure), The Waist (A C.O.R.P.S. S.T.A.R. FORCE figure), The Legs (a C.O.R.P.S. S.T.A.R. FORCE figure and the Star Wars figure's combined), The Head (The Star Wars pilot's head with a a C.O.R.P.S. S.T.A.R. FORCE figure neck), and The Chest (a C.O.R.P.S. S.T.A.R. FORCE figure underneath with the Star Wars figure's glued ontop).

More images of Freethrow

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