I'm really not a big fan of Fan fiction, or as it's shortened to, fanfic. In my opinion, the only fanfic I can follow is one that does not change the world that a writer or creator has made. Adding a brand new character is ok. Killing a character, changing the history of a character, or anything that is affecting a character in a known universe you have become a fan of isn't the right thing to do.

That being said, on this page you will find stories I've written that use the characters I have made customs of. Characters in the existing G.I.Joe universe will be used, but not to do anything I've explained that I feel a fanfic shouldn't. They will just be there to interact with plotlines.

Feel free to email me at if you have any opinions of anything, or if you'd like to comment on the stories found on this page.

BeoWolf Arrives - This is a story that introduces BeoWolf into the world. It's a story that some people might take some offense to, but as many people should be well aware, nothing is meant in the wrong. If that sounds pretty cryptic to you, don't worry, that just means that you probably wouldn't be offended and have nothing to worry about.

Freethrow Remembers - This is a lazy day drifting off sort of story where we find Freethrow kicked back thinking of "the good old days".

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