BeoWolf Arrives

It was a quiet morning and there was no reason to feel that this would be an especially eventful day. The G.I.Joe team had just finished their morning trianing run and were ready to get to their posts and settle in.

All of a sudden the alert went out. Was it an air strike? Was in by ground? What? None of the would have ever been prepared for what they were about to be met with.

Out of the morning fog came a single man walking. At first many on the 'Joe team thought it was Tomax or Xamot, but as this myserious figure drew closer they saw they were wrong. Who was this?

When he was just outside the base they saw a Cobra Insignia on his chest, with armor that did resymbol the Crimson Commander twin's, but what could this be? Would a lone Cobra Soldier be crazy enough to try and take on the whole army of G.I.Joe? Maybe he was deflecting or turning himself in.

This lone figure rose his hands in the air and stood for a moment, arms extended and hands turned upward, seeming to be in a trance. Just as Duke was about to get on the horn to yell out at this person he spoke. He said, "G.I.Joe team! I am Beowolf! I shalt begin my services with a sympathetic plea! Thou art heathens. Thou must repeant thy sins to 'The Word'. Thy eye art blinded by the colors of thou flag! I shalt give ye a chance to come upon me and ask for forgiveness for travisties brought on this land. cross me and thou shalt cross 'The Word'!"

The 'Joe team really didn't know what to make of this. They looked at him again as he stood there now with his arms extended and head tilted to the left as if he was in an inviting pose. Flint lifted is gun and said he'd go out and handle this. Hawk said he should just wait. This needs to be handled castiously. Not that Hawk felt this figure was a huge threat, just that he didn't want to place anyone in undue danger.

Hawk lifted the microphone to his mouth and said, "Ummm,....Beowolf, may we ask who you are and what exactly are you wanting us to do?"

Beowolf's brows lowered and anger could be seen even through his half masked face. "Thou offend thee! Prepare for the vengenance of the one that is helt highest!"

With that he turned and began to walk toward the direction he came. He reached the top of the hill and stopped. He turned back toward the G.I.Joe base and rose his hands high in the air. With one sweep of his arms, standing pointing forward, a battalion of HISS III tanks rapidly decended over the hill. A squad of Cobra Rattlers came into sight just after. The loud roar of Cobra troopers could also be heard even through the walls of their base.

How could an army of this size get to this point without ever being detected? There was no radar showing anything. The alert sounded was for this Beowolf. Was there something more to Beowolf than can visibly be seen?

That was a question that would have to wait. Now is only time for action! Hawk barked out orders that the rest of the team didn't have to hear to know what to do. They all began to scramble to hanger and motorpool.

Within moments cover fire was filling the air giving enough time to place some Skystrikers and A-10s out on attack. On the ground, Mobat tanks and Maulers were rolling out with guns blaring.

It took no time for a full scale battle to be met just outside the base. It was a battle that would weigh heavy, but without ANY casualties. In the center of the battle, a lone figure stood motionless. He seemed aware of his surroundings, but had the knowledge that he'd no see his death this day.

As fast as the attack came on, the attack ended. Beowolf waved a hand in the air, and the army broke off. This newly found enemy, breathing heavy, said, "This is just the start G.I.Joe! Thou army is of no offense to the army of 'The Word'. Thou shalt have the oppertunity to repent as I shalt draw no blood on this day."

Beowolf turn and walked away as a single HISS tank of strange markings met him. He climbed aboard and was off. A Skystriker pressed down on this HISS tank and launched a sparrow missle that was heading true to it's target. As if a wall had been put up, the sparrow exploded before striking it's designated target. Soon after, the Skystriker erupted in a ball of fire. It was pure luck on Ace's side that he was able to eject from what was sure to be a fire engulfed tomb.

With a voice that echoed through the field, Beowolf spoke and said, "I warn ye. No blood hast been spilled! do not try me!" And with that, the HISS was gone.

Weakened and fully aware that this was a day they could have saw their end, the G.I.Joe team gathered theirself and began to search for who this Beowolf was. For now however, they had been introduced, and whether they were ready or not, Beowolf was upon them!


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