Freethrow Remembers

He sits, leaning against the ShadowL.I.F.T. It's a slow day, and Freethrow has little to do today. It's not long before his mind goes back, back to the big game. . .

It's at the end of the last game in the tournament. The Net Swishers are in the leed. It looks like no contest in this game, wait... Who is that player coming in for the Dribblers? He's been sitting on the bench the whole game? As a matter of fact for the whole season! What chance does the Dribblers think they have this close to the end?

Here he comes, the new player by the name of Timothy Irons! He's making a move and, IT IS! A SLAM!! We haven't seen that out of this team before. It looks like the Net Swishers are going to have to put some of their best players back out. They thought they could play it easy until the clock ticked out. It appears Irons is here to let them know the Dribblers didn't get this either only by luck!

SLAM! Another point for the Dribblers. They're only down by a couple of more points. If the Net Swishers don't do something soon, they may be in for a major upset.

Another SLAM! Irons is on FIRE! Where is that help Net Swishers? YES! It's Conrad Dumas! The star player of the Net Swishers! If anyone can make a crowd sure their team will win, it's Dumas!

Dumas coming in for a point, it's up and,... IT'S STOLEN! Irons, It's Irons out of no where! I didn't even see that one coming, I can imagine what Dumas is thinking!

Irons is up, ANOTHER SLAM! This is getting to be crazy! Where was this player through the season? One would think that the Dribblers would have had him out, but maybe they were just waiting for the right time? When they absolutely needed him. Well now looked to be the most needed time tht's for sure.

Dumas looks confused on the court. He may have met his match! Dumas is making a move as Irons looks to be ready for another slam. Irons is up,... OH! Slap back by Dumas! THE SLAM IS BLOCK!

Dumas has the ball and heading down court. He's left Irons behind. Now it's Irons who looks confused. Dumas is up, SLAM DUNK! DUMAS! Dumas brings the game back for the Net Swishers!

The ball is back in play. There's just enough time left where Irons could still pull it out fo the Dribblers, but Dumas looks like he won't have it. Irons has the ball, and... OH! Out of no man's land, Dumas takes the ball. Dumas takes it, and half court shot, IT'S GOOD!

The clock ticks down just as Dumas takes the ball again from Irons. Dumas shot a lob! Can he get the ball in? It really doesn't matter as the Net Swishers has the game won. SWISH! It's good! The Net Dribblers win! The Net Dribblers on what will be know as a great game for history! Net Swishers 68 and the Dribblers 62!

Dumas has many Pro Teams looking his way, we'll see if we can't get a word wih him. But first we want t talk with Irons. Timothy Irons has been an amazing secret weapon that almost worked for the Dribblers. Let's go down court side for our reporter as he gets an interview with Irons.

Irons, can we get a word with you? Why did the Dribblers hold you back for the season? You were great out there!

'I wasn't needed'

You could have been in this game from the start and the Dribblers would have probably pulled this out...

'I said I wasn't need!!'

Ohh...Ok, well back to you in the studio.

WOW! Iron's is upset! He can't believe the game he Dribblers just lost. I swear you could see a red glow in his eyes from the frustration!

Now we go back court side as we get a word with Conrad Dumas..

Conrad,.. may we have a word with you? How does it feel to win this game?

'It's great. It's been a great year!'

Can we ask what team you have your eyes on? It's no secret that several pro teams are looking to get you to join them. Could you tell us which one you could see yourself with?

'Basketball is great fun! I've always dreamed to be a majo star. I've done good to this point, and feel I've lived up to this part of my dream. Now it's time for something else. Now it's time for a new dream. One I've had since a very young age.'

Conrad Dumas, are you saying you will not be going to the pros? What could you be dreaming of that would be any better?

'Well, let me put it this way, it seems to be the best way to say it. I wanna fly!'

Conrad Dumas with news that is shocking. As a reporter, I can't help but look at Dumas as he walks away wondering what he could be planning. Back to you in the studio.

That is shocking news! What could Dumas be about to do? Will he look back on this and wonder if he made he right choice? We may never know....

A smile comes over Freethrow's face as he looks back at the stealth plane with the fresh G.I.Joe markings. He knows he made the right choice. He's never had one thought about "what if". He has no reason to.


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