Back in the late 80s when Super Trooper first came out, I liked the idea pretty well. Figures came with a little mini comic showing Super Trooper in action and also had the mail in form attached. Right from the start is was an obvious Captain America infleunced idea. He had his sheild, was a one man army, and seemed to have it all. He was a mix match of parts and pretty much was an "official custom". He had metalized chrome parts that just looked neat on the figure. There were fans that didn't like him though, but he was a fun idea to me.

When I first saw the Ultimates Captain America World War 2 design, I thought back to Super Trooper. I couldn't get over how cool it would be to see a figure done like that, but not be Catain America. There's no way that Hasbro can do it since they would end up with a lawsuit from Marvel over that. But nothing says a customizer can't put it together!

I knew I wanted this figure to tower over the regular ones. I wanted to be sure he was 4 inches tall or even more. I had thought about making all parts from scratch, but that would have took too much time for a project like this. I decided to buy several figures and use parts off them. I started with a Wave 4 Dart figure. I cut his hair off, sanded his helmet smooth, and made a complete band arond the helmet getting rid of the feather. From that point I sculpted several parts of the head out of clay. I then moved on to the chest. Knowing that there was nothing out there looking like what I wanted I sanded everything down until it was a flat smooth surface. I then piled up the clay and began to sculpt. So the chest can be any figure's since all I wanted was the inside to keep me a way to line up everything and hold it together. The arms are Wave 4's Wild Bill. The only change I did for him was to sand the bands around his arms down, add some clay to give more detail, then I made the hands swivel. The waist is the Wave 3 Cobra Commander's. I basically just sanded off parts I didn't want and added pouches I sculpted from clay. The belt buckle was changed with clay too. The upper legs are Wave 4's Duke. Only minor changes were done. The lower legs are mix matched. The knee part is Dart's while the feet are Tunnel Rats. Only minor changes were done here. The sheild is fully hand built. Once you have all of that, then all that's left is painting it!

Below is several images to show you all sides. I tried to get some detail shots to show how the pouches have material detail as well as the various belts. Also I included a few shots of the figure before I added the paint. This gives a good idea of what was done in creating this project!


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