The concept of this figure was strictly from the idea that since the character Recondo is suppose to hate cold weather, it would be funny to place him in a situation that he would hate. I had spare parts of White Out and just the Tiget Force head of Recondo so I decided to do something with it all.

With the Tundra Vipers that I put together, more G.I.Joe Arctic troopers were an obvious idea. Since there are jungle conditions in the Arctic, sometimes much more harsh than a regular jungle, Recondo would make an expert for the job.

The obvious fun with the situation is that Recondo hates his new assigned position. He understands his need for the being there, but it doesn't stop him from voicing his opinion. He hopes to get his old job back, but each cold day makes his sweaty jungle seem like a long way off.

The parts used to make this figure were: The Arms (White Out), The Waist (White Out), The Legs (White Out), The Head (Tiger Force Recondo), and The Chest (White Out).


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