Are you wondering what to do with all of those arctic Big Bens you may have picked up? I think I found something cool and not really too hard to make! The Tundra Viper only requires some sculpting that can be easy if you have the right tools! The legs and arms are taken from the White Out figure. Minor sanding was done on the wrists of the White Out arms so that when painted it'd look like a continuous glove.

More Cobra troopers are always welcome to the army. More Cobra actic troopers are cool anyway! These guys are meant to be bad! Some of the evilest around. They like to train in their underwear. They like to dare each other out in the arctic to "drink contests" (impossible, but that's what makes them so bad!). They dip in any water they find and see who can stand still the longest letting ice form. They're just BAD!

Ideas on these guys outfit are that they wear bands around their arms of different colors that mark their rank. Red is the highest rank, green is the next rank down, and blue is the lowest rank. They wear a face mask of the same color.

They're outfit is extremely dirty. Some may wonder why they even bother to have "arctic white" when they end up tan or brown looking in color. Well they get standard issued clothing that's given to all Tundra Vipers, but as hard as they try to prove themselves, they can never stay clean.

G.I. Joe likes to avoid confrontation with the Tundra Vipers. It's much easier to just do something to confuse them like throw a flash grenade than to go head to head with them. As bad as these Vipers are however, they're not the ELITE. The Elite call the Tundra Vipers "grunts".

Tundra Viper IMAGES

This gives you several shots of the Tundra Viper. You can see the way one gun belt was removed to give him a destinctive look. Also is close ups to give you good detail of the head sculpt.

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4
Image 5

Image 6

Image 7

Image 8

The Tundra Viper and Elite


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