This is using the Big Ben figure with the arms of the Cobra WOLF driver and the waist of Recondo! The Tundra Viper Elite's sculpting is most of all the head. This head can be made from any figure you choose since it's all clay sculpted on the neck of an existing figure.

With a head sculpt simular to the original Viper, he just looks great! A Tundra Viper Elite is able to bury in the snow and sit for days on end if it's necessary. They can out last anyone and know each other well enough that they are on equal ground. They don't waist time challenging each other. They've done that already as a regular Tundra Viper.

They have a flood light on the top of their helmet to see as they tunnel through the snow. They can travel for miles under piles of snow and a G.I.Joe member wouldn't have a clue what just passed under them until a hand reaches up and pulls them in! The shape of their helmet allows them to move like they are flowing through water. Snow just passes over them in sheets.

A Tundra Viper Elite's outfit has some thermal gear and heating units, but they hardly ever use them. Just like when they were "grunts" they can't keep a clean outfit, but they do stay cleaner than they once knew due to their amount of time under the snow. The melting of snow causes their outfit to so called "self clean".

G.I.Joe had wondered why a snow trooper would have a flood light on their helmet when surprise is a key element. After one battle with these guys, you wonder why you even fired that first shot. If you see that light coming your way, you may as well be ready for a fight. They know where you are. If you don't see their light and are in open snow, WATCH YOUR FEET!

Tundra Viper Elite IMAGES

This gives you several shots of the Tundra Viper Elite. You can get a close view of the helmet sculpt in these views.

Image 1

Image 2

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Image 6

The Tundra Viper and Elite


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