The original Pac Rats were a set of 3 remote controled units that could go into battle to be on the front line laying down heavy fire so that a G.I.Joe member didn't have to step into danger. They were a rather creative idea, I thought an update to go with the 2000-2001 figures would be great.

With all the Battlebots and knock offs sitting around on the shelf, this is most of all what gave me the idea. I thought some of them could be worked out into being some great version 2 Pac Rats.

I used Ronin of the regular Battlebot line, a Battlebots keychain BioHazard, and another keychain knock off made by a company called A-HA Toys Inc.

Below I broke each down into "Units". The original Pac Rats didn't have names, so I thought this would give the new ones names without really doing so.

Unit 1 - This unit can be considered the "leader" or "flagship" of the Pac Rat II team. It is the largest of the 3 and is less likely to be just dropped into battle. This unit has no retrieval hook since G.I.Joe would never let it go and air lift it out. Unit 1 is handled much like a team member due to it's higher "price tag" if it were to need replacing.
Unit 1 Blueprints

Unit 2 - Unit 2 is the "Cobra Buzz Boar" of the Pac Rats II. This unit is air dropped from high altitudes and let go to create a big distraction while the G.I.Joe team goes in for a less direct approach. An attack can be launched from 10,000 feet dropped by a C-130 making Cobra think that there's a full frontal attack. While unit 2 cuts Cobra HISS III tanks to shreads, G.I.Joe is coming in the backdoor. As the team makes their get away, a tow hook can be dropped to lift unit 2 out and gives it a chance to be patched up to fight another day.
Unit 2 Blueprints

Unit 3 - This unit usually is dropped along side unit 2. It can take even more abuse. Unit 3's attack is a hydrolic lift arm that has enough strength to flip over some of the heaviest ordinance. It's strength has yet to be tested. Unit 3 also has a retrevial hook so it can be lifted out of danger.
Unit 3 Blueprints


Here are some actions shots showing the Pac Rats in action. This gives a better idea of what they can do and how G.I.Joe might use them.

Image 1

Image 2
Image 3


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