G.I.Joe Lego

These are custom Lego figures that I have done after thinking, Lego came out with Star Wars merchandise, the Block Men had gained some popularity, why not Lego G.I.Joe?

I made the designs for the figure's clothes on computer and printed them on sticker paper. they work really well! The rest of the extras I sculted hair, helmets, or whatever.

I'll continue to add more images of new figures I create when time permits. I hope you like them!

Cobra Commander 1

Cobra Commander 2

Cobra Commander 3

Snake Eyes 1

Snake Eye 2

Snake Eyes 3

Snake Eyes 4

SS, SE, & CC
Storm Shadow 1

Storm Shadow 2

Storm Shadow 3

Storm Shadow 4

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 1

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 2

Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow 3



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