Painting tips

I won't go into showing any fancy pictures or giving a big speach before getting down to it. I'm listing this as steps so that you can get the best read out of it:

1) First and above all, take the figure apart that you plan to paint. Let's focus on the waist of the figure as what you will paint.

2) Let's say you want to paint the waist white and have a brown belt. take a very small amount (enough to cover the surface) of the color, mix it with some Testors liquid plastic cement. Coat the surface of each sections with the mixture color you are using.

3) After that has dried, paint on straight from the bottle (I use either Pactra or Citadel paint) paint.

4) When that has dried, paint on a layer of glue.

5) Now paint on some stuff made by Testors called "Sealer for Metalizer", or clear finger nail polish.

6) Paint another coat of glue.

7) Now spray with a clear coat and let it sit 24 hours.

At this point you should have a pretty well sealed paint. It can still scratch but it's far harder to do so than just straight paint. I'm always working on more ideas. If I find and even better solution I'll put it on this page.


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