Flight Pod II "Trubble Bubble"

The original Cobra Flight Pod was a staple in the Cobra force. It was often used for full scale attacks. Many people liked it. It also suffered from being shot down easy. Cobra Commander wanted a better Flight Pod that wouldn't suffer a firey fate so easy. Here's a fanfic about where the "Trubble Bubble" came from, and why it didn't work.

Cobra Commander had enough. He had seen the last Flight Pod shot down and wanted something done about it. It was previous to this the Commander had seen a movie that was the prequal to a trilogy he was quite fond of. He saw a new character that caught his eye. His Speeder Cycle was impressive thought Cobra Commander.

Making his inventors draw up sketches, putting to death those who didn't come up with his needs, he had come up with something that would be the next generation. He immediately ordered his creators to get to work and make this happen.

Not long after the prototype was tested and passed with flying colors, several thousand was put in commission.

The first attack on the G.I.Joe base was met with "Trubble Bubbles" again being shot out of the sky. There was still no stopping the 'Joe team from triumphing over the Cobra attack.

Upon retreat, on arrival at the Cobra base, Cobra Commander drew his weapon and shot the head inventor for what the Commander felt was a fatal flaw covered up in the Flight Pod II's creation. The Commander ordered the remaining "Trubble Bubbles" demolished. 60 something Flight Pod IIs were brought to a warehouse in Springfield. This was the last time Cobra Commander would see them, or so he thought! But that's another story...

Like all G.I.Joe vehicles, this one too has blueprints. This is a full outline of what would be if this Flight Pod were to have been made.


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