(August 1, 2002) Update - I thought I'd open up the month with a post to say that I didn't do a comment last month because there really wasn't much to say. I mean sure I could have posted about the G.I.Joe convention, but I didn't go. I could have just gave a comment about some of the other going ons around the G.I.Joe community, but I didn't feel like bothering. Simple fact is, I just didn't bother to type anything up and sometimes I just won't. I thought I'd type up something of an explaination for why there were no comments last month for those that actually wondered and wondered if this page was abandoned. - Joe

(August 1, 2002) G.I.Joe "Robot Fighter" Game - I came across a G.I.Joe game that has figures of Duke and a Neo-Viper that's designed like the old Robot Fighter game. You control each figure with buttons and rods to try and knock the other player off the pegs holding it.

It's a cool game actually, but nothing for the older crowd (us). Duke looks more like a steroid version of Falcon than any other character. The Neo-Viper is ok, but not done in high detail. This is aimed at the kids, and it's a nice item for the kids really!

There's other games that are out also. I haven't really picked any up or have even saw them. Just knowing they are out there is cool though. There's talk of puzzles that are out and rumors of several other items coming. It's great to see the resurgence going. Now if Hasbro would get moving with an all new G.I.Joe cartoon, we'll start seeing a nice major relaunch going on! - Joe

(August 1, 2002) G.I.Joe Comic Comments - Lately I haven't bothered to give any reviews on the latest issues of the new comics. By not reviewing them I'm not even listing any of the things that are even available. I don't know how many of you care to read my comments on the comics though. I've just felt it was pointless unless it was something really needed to be said.

I've been giving it a lot of thought and igured I'd leave it up to those reading this page. Do you want to see my thoughts on each issue? If not do you want me to give a general list of all comic merchandise coming out such as any given month that Devils Due will be at a con and will have an exclusive, then also list each issue of Battle Files, the regular series, and Frontline? There couldeven be more coming soon. Just drop me an email to let me know what you think and I'll go from there with it. No email sent to me though will mean to me "no" on both ideas. - Joe

(August 2, 2002) More on Wave 1.5 - Well here we are the 2nd day of August and the stores still haven't stocked wave 1.5 anywhere around here. It's really odd that the shelves are staying full of wave 1, but as far as the vehicles go, the stores still have Brawlers and Dominators yet they don't seem to mind stocking new vehicles. The insistance is that the figures are selling. That's what a lot of fans are saying. I'm not saying they aren't, but wave 1 dramatically slowed down. The vehicles still sell though.

People on budgets, and that goes for kids and collectors, have it easier buying things when they come out spaced apart. When it all gangs up and comes out at once it's overwhelming and a sore spot for our credit cards. That is unless we actually shell out the cash. Either way it's hard and will be veritually impossible at Christmas time. If stores do not do something about how they are stocking things this year, Christmas will probably result in showing a loss in some areas that otherwise would have shown a gain for companies. Sure the Christmas rush will offset the other stuff, but still it won't look good on paper for those items we really like and are currently chasing all over town trying to buy! - Joe

(August 10, 2002) Toy Comments - I'm still in search of wave 1.5 with no luck. It's just no where around here. Corey at smalljoes.com has said that he'll be doing everything he can to get more in stock. He didn't think it would be a problem though. This will no doubt be my source of getting these figures.

Now on this subject, wave 2 has been seen by many people. There's many that still haven't seen wave 1.5, but yet wave 2 is already hitting the shelf. This is crazy! It's driving my credit cards nuts too! It prefer this stuff to be spaced out, as I said previously, in a correct manor so that items can be purchased and then paid off before the next items come out. I know most of you out there feel the same.

That being said, if you look at other Hasbro products such as Transformers, Max Steel, and Yu-Gi-Oh, new products are on the shelf. The rotation of the waves are being done so in a better way. Once Armada hit the shelf with Transformers, Robots in Disguise started disappearing fast. Sure some stores clearanced many of the RID items, but at least Hasbro STOPPED SHIPPING THE OLD STOCK! Some where there was a screw up with Hasbro shipping too many wave 1 figures to different places across the country. The buyers (us) are suffering for it due to unintelligent people that run the stores. Rather than seeing the old product clearanced, the stores just aren't getting new stuff in. They'd rather sit on dead stock than to move it and get more in that WILL sell.

Well I wish everyone luck with their finds as well as their finances. G.I.Joe being back is great, but it's becoming a pain to keep up with! - Joe

(August 10, 2002) New Vehicle Blueprints - Why is it that when Hasbro does something cool with the new G.I.Joe stuff they do something kind of dumb to counter balance. It's like they can't figure out a way to present the perfect package! The new blueprints suck. They tell you about A TOY. When I was a kid and got a G.I.Joe product, pulling the blueprints was a large addition to the vehicle it's self. It was cool to read about what each part was, if the toy were a real vehicle. Even if it was made up junk, it was still cool.

I can't see the new blueprints being saved for anything by kids that get them. It's like, why bother? They tell you about the spring load feature, or rolling tires. Wow, that sounds "fun". I've decided to take each one a redo them so they are much like the old ones. They can be printed out for anyone that wants to. If you have a kid you are giving this too, print out these blueprints and insert them into the box.

Check out my custom section for new updates. I'll be putting them up as I get them ready. As of right now the Night Attack Chopper and Sand Razor are up. Click here for quick access. - Joe

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