On this page I wanted to give a listing of all the other "WAR TOYS" that I know about. For
those companies that has a webpage for the item being talked of, I'll give a link to the said
page. This will help those who may want to branch out to not only collect G.I.Joe, but other
potentially fun toy.

Compatible Toys to G.I.Joe
The makers of CORPS! These are hands down the best knock off G.I.Joe figures. They are great to use as additions to your army, or even use to make customs with.
Road Champs
Ever want some skatboarders for you G.I.Joe team? Maybe a jetski, or a 4 wheeler? Road Champs makes some great toys.

Other Great Figures
21st Century Toys
Great 12" figures. They've also recently moved into making 4" figures. They've named the line "Xtreme Detail". The vehicle of the 4" figures work with G.I.Joe, but they are higher detailed and stand out.
Specializing in customized 12" figure likeness.
Blue Box Toys
Makers of "The Elite Force" 12" figures.
Chap Mei (website unknown)
These figures are usually found at stores such as Right Aid, Big Lots, Kmart, among others. They are sold as many different titles such as Soldier Force.
Dragon (website unknown)
Dragon 12" Action Figures.
Manley Toy Quest
Electronic Battle Platoon. These figures look like the old Galoob molds of the six to seven inch figures they had made. They are ok figures and come with backpacks that with a touch of a button, battle sounds are heard.
Intoys Military Figures
An ok looking 4" figure collection that looks like the combined the Xtreme Detail figures and G.I.Joe.
Real Action Figure Samurai figures are at the top of their list. They make 12" figures.
Plan-B Toys
Basically this company picked up where Resaurus left off.
Power Team Elite (website unknown)
These figures have been found mostly at Sears, KB Toys, and Toys R Us.
Rescue Heroes
Yep, the Fisher Price figures. They are some great figures made for a younger crowd.

Vehicles Useable with G.I.Joe
Not only do they have CORPS! figures, but the vehicles are very nice too.
Power Team Elite (website unknown)
The best releases of this company is the vehicles. If nothing else you'll want their F18!
Tonka has made toys in the past that work great for G.I.Joe. Just look through their many toys and you might find something you could use!

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