(October 14, 2002) Dallas ComiCon - I went to Dallas ComiCon over the weekend and saw a large amount of G.I.Joe toys. It was a nice turn out. Stuff was slightly over priced but there were deals to be made.

What I'd like to see, since this company puts on so many cons through a year, is a small G.I.Joe feature within one of their cons. This would be pretty neat. They could get Devils Due, Hasbro, some of the writers and artists of past comics among others. It could be great. Oh well I'm just dreaming really! Hehe. - Joe

(October 14, 2002) G.I.Joe Waves - Wouldn't you know that Wal-Marts locally still haven't stocked anything but Wave 1. I've totally given up on this area and have started just ordering all of it online. It's easier. The only thing I hope for with the local stores is to see one or 2 packs if I decide later to buy something for customizing.

As many of you know, Target seems like the best choice for finding things. I really don't know what the trouble is with this, but if target is going to be THE STORE, at least one of the large stores are taking initiative to be a better store than the rest. - Joe

(October 15, 2002) G.I.Joe The Manga - This is part of a big project I am working on. The comic portion is a side product that G.I.Joe fans will get to see as a result of a bigger project I'm doing. This is a total redesign of G.I.Joe and an attempt to present the genre as a manga. It's just a simple fun project. The best part is, fans get a totally free new G.I.Joe comic to read!

This comic went live October 7th, and I was prepared to make a commentary on it. When it went up and I made some posts, there was such a rush of people that the site shut down due to the free site not allowing the amount of bandwidth that took place. I opened another site and the same thing happened. The third site was something more stable. It's still holding up and hasn't had any troubles, but it's still a free site with the chance that it could.

I was offered the chance to put the site up on CovertMission's website. It will be a part of the site where people have no worries of the site going down or worry about pop up ads. I've got some stuff to get finished before I do upload it though. I'll make a post here the day it does go up as well as posting everywhere else about it. Until then, you heard it here first about the new site location! We'll see how that works out. - Joe

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