(November 7, 2002) Time - Yep, I'm finally updating! I'm low on tim with all my projects plus Christmas coming up. No worries though, I will continue updating. I have some custom plans too, but I'll probably get issue #2 of the G.I.Joe Manga up before I finish any.

Also I wanted to say thanks for the emails I've been getting lately! It's always encouraging seeing that people are enjoying this page and others ones I've put together! - Joe

(November 8, 2002) Wave 5 and Spy Troops - Have you seen them yet? They're in Lee's Action Figure Guide Magazine this month. American Dream Comics also has had pictures. These are the ones that introduces the new Spy Troop concept. They have the new style sculpting along with snap on armor and disguises.

At first look these figures didn't look that appealing to me. I mean the figures look decent enough. It's that snap on armor that doesn't really. I can see kids maybe getting into it, but not for the reasons it's suppose to be. Besides, unless there were figures that matched what you was disguising the figure to be, it doesn't make sense really. Sure you can do as others have suggested and buy a duplicate to act as the perminent Cobra troop, but his is something the adult COLLECTOR will do. What about the kids as people like to say? I don't see kids getting 2 packs for the idea of having that perminent Cobra troop. Besides I can't shake the notion that G.I.Joe AND Cobra should know who's who. I don't know, it's just a weird idea I think in a string of ideas of gimmics.

Gimmics will be a problem if a cartoon doesn't get put on the air soon! As it is, this current gimmic is introducing an all new story idea. All we can do is sit by and see how it goes. We can always do what we did when they removed the O ring, complain and be heard until they pay attention, hehe. It seems Hasbro has to go ahead and put their idea out no matter what, then realize the mistake afterwards. Of course this one, right now we don't know if it's a mistake. - Joe

(November 8, 2002) G.I.Joe The Manga Part 2 - This is just an update about the G.I.Joe Manga comic site. So far I'm still keeping it at the Freeservers site. That one does hold up. The test will be when I complete issue #2. I just want to provide a great place for people to read it now that I know theres a lot of people that do like it.

Speaking of issue #2, my plans are to have it online at the end of this month or early next month. I'm working on scripting out the rest of the first story arc so I can speed along the first 6 issues. I have some ideas for future issues that will really either make everyone dislike the comic, or everyone will really like it! I'm of course planning for everyone to like it, hehe. - Joe

(November 9, 2002) Marvel and their comics - You know, I've been sitting here today spending a little time catching up on comic news. I came across many articles talking about Marvel. They continue to be the same as they've been for many years now.

I saw that Stan Lee is threatening to sue Marvel if they don't pay him what they owe him. This I find rather funny since there's been many of people that's worked for Marvel claiming things like that and other accusations against Stan Lee. Or rather his way of running Marvel.

Another thing, the comic Thunderbolts has a pretty good following. I read it and granted it's not the same as it once was, but it's still ok. Now Marvel is deciding that starting with issue #76 they are going a whole new direction. This is kind of dumb. I'd say end the series and start with something new if they have to. It's just another thing saying that it really doesn't matter what fans are reading, if Marvel wants to cancel it, it's gone. Screw the amount of people that buy it.

This brings me up to how this ties in with G.I.Joe. Statistically it's said that less people are buying comics today than say when G.I.Joe was actually canceled. I don't have any facts or references laying in front of me, but thinking about it, if there were more people then buying comics than now, but yet G.I.Joe is still selling in the top 20, how is it that the comic actually had so few of an amount of people buying to cause it to be canceled? This goes for Transformers too. Without looking at the statistics on paper, there had to be a fair amount of people back then buying G.I.Joe to give it credit enough to remain being published.

This is my point, Marvel is continually canceling any and all books they begin publication of if it (a) starts outselling their main titles, (b) if they're a third party to a license and they're not the one making full profit, and (c) if it's a new idea that's been brought in and seems to detract from being able to be a part of the regular "Marvel Universe" which of course leeds us back to (a). Just think, magazine after magazine is constantly speculating about why more and more people are dropping out of reading comics, and as continuity in a title still becomes less and less important to comic/toy companies and taking into account of what fans actually like, can we really ask that question without an answer? When someone picks up a book and reads it, I don't think they'd have ever done so if they knew next week it was being canceled for some false reason, or the storyline was just thrown out the window in favor of some stupid "revamp". This in it's self is one main reason why less people read comics now, and also why we can at least feel glad that Marvel isn't writing the G.I.Joe comic. What the future holds for our favorite comic is yet to be seen however. - Joe

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