(May 2, 2005) A Day Late - Just a quick note to say I'm one day late with the Previews list because I didn't have the book until today. Some may have looked yesterday expecting it. I don't know, but if anyone did and found nothing, that's why. - Joe

(May 2, 2005) Previews May 2005 -

VOL. XV #5

PG 13
Devil's Due Free Comic Book Day Special Edition
32pgs, FC ........................... FREE
(This is part of the Free Comic Day scheduled this year for May 7, 2005)

PG 280
G.I.Joe #1 (Signed Edition)
32pp, FC ........................... $14.95

PG 281
G.I.Joe #1
32pp, FC ........................... $2.95

PG 282
G.I.Joe: Union of the Snake TPB
144pp, FC ........................... $14.95


PG 201 - Devils Due Featured Item promo ad.

PG 279 - Full page adand intro to the Devils Due section for the upcoming G.I.Joe comic and lists the G.I.Joe comics in the section.

PG 280 - 281 - Large double page image advertising the new G.I.Joe #1 comic writen by Joe Casey. Note that this is listed as G.I.Joe: America's Elite.

PG 448 - G.I.Joe: MadeMoiselle Marie "Night Spy" Accessory Tray $30.00 and G.I.Joe: The Unknown Soldier Accessory tray $34.00 listed.

- Joe

(May 6, 2005) Master Collector has NEW Previews - Have you seen the new images at Master Collector? I'm talking about the preview shots that are up for what will be offer through Hasbro's up comming online store! What has been shown picks up right where Wave 7 of Valor vs Venom left off. There are still some carry overs, but the majority are of all new sculpts sporting the latest in details that we got to see in wave 7's Snake Eyes.

Starting out we have Spirit, a really well done figure that will be nice to own in it's self. The detailing is great. The proportions well placed. The only down side is the eagle is a little big, but that's ok. Eagles are pretty large so we can live with that.

Mutt is a decent figure. He appears to have one arm longer than the other. This could just be due to this being a preview shot. Most fans are used to always seeing the original ideas of the character so he's looking a little odd without a helmet too. The face sculpt is said to be the likeness of the guy that's designing these new packages. Junkyard is a little too big too, but again this might just be due to being a preview shot.

Medi-Viper and the Crimson Guard are moreless repaints. They have new heads and are proposed to be new characters. They look nice, but Medi-Viper needed a little more to set him away from Scalpel, and the Crimson Guard needed a few minor adjustments.

Major Barrage is probably the best of the lot as far as sculpting goes. Mutt looks to have a new neck sculpt, but with Barrage you can really see it. It appears that Hasbro has added a new detail where the neck is part of the torso with a ball joint attached to the head. This might be pretty cool. it'll add a small bump for customizers, but it'll be ok. A minor note, the head sculpt is said to be based on Tim Seely, artist of the Devils Due G.I.Joe comic.

Scrap Iron will take getting used to for many. Most will never accept him as the same character. He is pretty different. I like the look of the sculpt. I can live with him being Scrap Iron even. I guess that goes with the idea that I don't care much for the character anyway though.

The New comic packs are great. We've all seen the Zartan pack by now I'd assume. The new packed shown with Tunnel Rat, Hawk, and Flint is a great addition. Flint needs to be seen in person to really judge. I can't really tell for sure what he looks like well enough in the picture. Hawk looks nice, but I'd do a head swap on him. Tunnel Rat looks like he should look!

Then there's the vehicle. The new Humvee is a repaint with new additions. I won't go too far in talks with this, but I'd say it's worth getting again. As for all the images if you haven't seen them, just follow the links below. - Joe




(May 7, 2005) Today I turn 34 - Well today is my birthday. I turn 34 years old. I wanted to make a small comment about this and it is G.I.Joe related. Some people out there hit a certain age, be it 12, 15, 25, 50, whatever, then they think "I shouldn't be collecting toys". This comment is for those people looking for a reson NOT to quit.

I've been collecting G.I.Joe since the start of A Real American Hero's release. This goes back to the beginning in the 80s. Sure at that time I was a kid and wasn't collecting as much as I was playing and adding to my army. But still I always wanted to get each and every item that released. So I still call it collecting. I had fun. It always captured my attention and imagination.

Over the years as I grew older I was still buying toys because it made me happy. It was a constant thing that was always there that I had fun with. It wasn't just "something to do". I enjoy the details and sculpt of the items I buy. I like to proudly display them even now that I have no real room left to display. I can't fully explain it, but it is just no different than someone who collects coins, or maybe people who likes clocks, or even the same as the people who collect porcelain statues. There really is no difference. Well society says there is, but you and I both know that collecting is collecting. It really doesn't matter what the item is. If it's something that makes you happy and you have fun doing it, you shouldn't worry about the rest of the people trying to drag you down.

Now where is all of this coming from? Well turning yet another year older, I still have the want to collect toys. I still want to collect G.I.Joe. I still have fun with my hobby. This is just a chin up post to those who are letting other people get to you and try and bring you down. If you still have fun collecting, I wish you all the best and hope you continue to have fun with the hobby too! - Joe

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