(May 1, 2003) Previews for 4/23-03 - Last week was Previews week. You might have noticed I didn't say anything on the subject. David Thornton at qktheatre posted the listings from Previews a week earlier than Previews came out so I saw no point. I could have stated something to reiterate the fact, but I just let it go. I hope everyone saw the listing? If not it's still in back posts at Dave's site. - Joe

(May 1, 2003) G.I.Joe Issue #17 - It's hard to get through this issue without questioning the writing. I've seen people's comments about how this is wrong and that is wrong. I've even made a few comments, but for the most part a lot of it didn't bother me. This issue however is another thing.

It starts out ok with some action that looks like it might be a good read. Right after 2 pages that changes. You see a book signing that Flint is suppose to be at for a book that he's written. For some reason that doesn't sound right by it's self, but that's just me. We see Flint has been captured. We see Baroness is captured too. That aside, Lady Jaye is talking with Duke as if she has no clue where Flint is. Now am I wrong or didn't each member of G.I.Joe usually know what team members were "on call"? Plus that whole setup story that was told with G.I.Joe getting reactivated and the fight with the Jugglers seems pointless if we're suppose to now think that any team member can be called off on a secret mission that's so secret all other members wouldn't know. At the point in the story, if Hawk didn't call a member off on a mission, Duke would have. Plus Duke wouldn't be so confused about not knowing where Flint is anyway. Duke does have a cool look in this issue though! Jumping into Destro's scene, he's grabbing an Iron Grenadier chewing him out for not being at his post. It's a scene more like you'd expect to see with Cobra Commander and a Cobra Trooper. I think even Josh Blaylock realized it by putting that very thought in a word balloon for another Iron Grenadier. It is cool to see the Cobra HISS IV in the background!

Once the story goes back into Baroness and Flint tied up, there's a few things that are given about Cobra Commander's past adventures as he went around the world gathering power. It starts sounding interesting, but then we go back into "the mystery of Flint and Baroness disappearing". Once Duke learns more of Flint's situation, it's all taken rather lightly. It really seems like the scene should have played out differently than it did. We even hear of Flint "going public with his identity"? This leads into a call to Duke from Destro. Hehe, yeah. Well Destro is resourceful enough to get a phone number that's top secret, but still he's calling Duke to let him know the situation. Destro asking for G.I.Joe's help. Yeah that's a good idea of Destro's character. I don't even think he'd have done that on the cartoon! Oh and Daina from Oktober Guard shows up. Just her, not the rest of the team. Plus there's so much "such and suchskee" thrown around that you have to laugh. Looks like someone should have picked up the Marvel trade and read at the very least issue #7. Lady Jayeskee?!?! So it goes on that the Russians, Cobra, and G.I.Joe team up and it drifts into a James Bond type of story as they start to infiltrate to rescue Flint and Baroness.

I don't know how I'd have wrote this story or how I'd like to have seen it play out exactly. I do know this story sounds very much like something on fanfiction.net. With the new art, it's a very cool issue to flip through and look at. There's some really cool images throughout. I don't know what happened with this issue. It's really a let down. It's like the whole thing centers around that kiss shot we've seen promos of. Like Josh Blaylock was just trying to think of a reason for Flint and Baroness to kiss and this is all we get. I didn't enjoy this issue. It's sad to know that this is the first in a story arc too. On the up side we get another level of The New Pit to look at. Although it's rather bland. It's the weapons storage level.

I'm not speaking as one saying "Larry Hama or nobody". I have enjoyed Josh's work in past issues. From when I started doing reviews, you can see what I've said before. Even though I've said that I've felt previous stories had a fan fiction feel to it, this one is just out and out "how can a scene happen for baroness and Flint to end up kissing and also having Cobra and G.I.Joe working side by side?" I can't give this one good words really aside from the art. It's a buy it if you want issue, but just take it for what it is. Maybe I missed out on something, but I don't think so. Besides, what happened to the storyline that was getting geared up? The last issue had us thinking Serpentor was on the way. Maybe that's what's up with this story arc, that it's just filler until the rest of the big Serpentor return story is finished? - Joe

(May 1, 2003) Dreamwave G.I.Joe vs Transformers - There's a really cool preview at Dreamwave's website. It has some great shots showing Ironhide looking as though he transforms into the Cobra Ringneck and Bumblebee looking like he transforms into the Cobra Venom Cycle. Also there's a sketch of Cobra Commander and I guess Hawk. The story sounds like it will be pretty good. I still feel it's just going to be a fan dream story and come off as that, but now that it's all officially going to be a side story in a whole different universe, it'll be enjoyable. You can see the preview here. - Joe

(May 2, 2003) Target Rant Revisited! - I guess it's starting to sound like I'm in a bad mood after yesterday's comments. Well not really, just speaking my mind and not holding back. I don't think there's a need to hold back. Constructive criticism never hurts right?

Putting forth that thought and applying it to Target, I sent complaints to Target. I had talked with a sales person stocking the shelf who in turn blamed Hasbro for why they didn't have the G.I.Joe products in stock as it was advertised. I did let Hasbro know about this too. Why let a stock person feel they can pass the buck on something that's the store's fault? Wouldn't you know it, after I gave up on Target and bought the Smoke Screen and Sky Sweeper from Amazon, Target got these on the shelf. That pretty well ticked me off. I had to pass since they're coming in the mail. Once they show up I'll have a review finally, but still it's rediculous that it's taking so long for stores to stock the G.I.Joe product. That goes for everywhere, not just in my town! Maybe once something happens with a cartoon the stores will see G.I.Joe on the shelf differently. Then again He-Man is having poor stocking as of late too. - Joe

(May 7, 2003) Target, ... again! - Yeah I've been riding the Target rant for a while now. It's not because I hate Target, it's because I'd like to see the store be as good as it was when it first came into town. It sucks to know they should be keeping up with shipments, but they are obviously slacking. After having a sale advertised and 2 weeks pass, they finally get the vehicles they should have had in. This after complaining to the manager and emailing the main office. That looks like the best way to handle things. Maybe after a while they'll get tired of being jumped on by peole over them and they'll keep stuff in stock correctly. I doubt it, but atleast it helps to yell at someone when you see a job not bein done right! - Joe

(May 7, 2003) My Birthday - Today is my 32nd birthday. Nothing for anyone out there to worry about, but I thought I'd make a comment. Birthdays are cool times to get G.I.Joe presents! I didn't get any since I've got what I want that's out, but I just thought it was worth mentioning if anyone wants to nudge someone they know! Point out that it's officially one of the coolest gifts you could get! ; ) - Joe

(May 7, 2003) Sky Sweeper and Smoke Screen reviews - Those who like reading my reviews as I get the new stuff, I have my reviews up on the Sky Sweeper and Smoke Screen. Read it here. - Joe

(May 8, 2003) New Crimson Attack Tank and Cobra Mountain Playset - I just learned of 2 new items coming out! These are the Crimson Attack Tank and the Cobra Mountain Playset. Both are really cool and each go a different direction than the other. I mean one is obviously a big nod toward collectors and the other is a big step up to the plate for kids!

The Cobra Mountain Playset obviously has parts of it from the Star Wars Arena set. It looks like it ends pretty much with the base. Judging on it and the figure it comes with, it should be pretty nice sized. From the first look picture it looks to have a lot of play features. While it won't be a Cobra Terror Drome, it should prove to be great. It'd have been better if it were another figure other than yet another repaint Shipwreck with Cobra Commander Spy Gear. This is obviously to capitalize on the Spy Troops commercial.

The Crimson Attack Tank is a reverse of the original Sears version. This one is a huge acknowledgement to the fans. It's great to see Hasbro doing these things. This one will sell well. The included Crimson Guard Immortial is very nice!

For images of each one, follow these links:

- Joe

(May 15, 2003) KBToys Sale - You want some cheap figures? How's $1.97 per 2 pack sound? Most fans already have these packs, but KBToys.com has several 2 packs that you can get for extras. Or use them for customs! Check out their site and get you some figures at a great price! Also you'll get a free video with an order of $10 or more. I received Vol. 9 with a different order I had made. - Joe

(May 15, 2003) Freedom Files! - Did you joing the G.I.Joe Collector's Club? If you did you can expect to see a newsletter titled "Freedom Files". It's packed with several cool things such as a "headline story" of G.I.Joe using Spy Troop technology, a "Who is he?" mock artcile about Cobra Commander, A promo article for the Patriot Grizzly tank coming soon, a crossword puzzle, a "how it workds" nightvision article, an introduction to the new Spy Troops figures from Wave 6 and 7, plus the Spy Troops ad on the back cover. It's printed up to look like a newspaper.

This is a neat little mailing. Most would be impressed by it. It's going to be really cool to the kids who get these! If you haven't seen your's and have joined the club, you'll be seeing it soon! - Joe

(May 15, 2003) G.I.Joe Manga - At this point those who are wondering about the new issue of my G.I.Joe Manga may have felt I've given up. That's not the case. I have plans to get it online soon and wanted to do so sooner than it will be done. It's drawn, but I still have to do a few finishing touches. The trouble is I haven't had much time. That I hope will change soon. I just wanted to update everyone who checks in on this page so you'd know what's up! - Joe

(May 21, 2003) G.I.Joe: Frontline #7 - Credits are Story: Dan Jolley & Drew Johnson, Script: Dan Jolley, Pencils(6-12): Drew Johnson, Pencils (1-5): Tom Fiester, Inks: Ray Snyder, Colors: Studio Din & Mita, Letters: Dreamer Designs, Cover: Tony Harris.

Now for the usual do not read any further if you haven't read the comic and do plan on getting it. I give full descriptions and there are plenty of spoilers. The review is more for those who haven't bought the book and might not. Or those who have read it and are just interested in what someone else has to say about it! : )

ICEBOUND: Chapter 3 "Cold Comfort". This is the third issue in the story arc that's currently running. It continues the fight in the arctic with the polar bear mutant people. It's moreless like G.I.Joe vs Wampas. There's not much else I can say. By the end of the comic it appears that the Transformers are going to be in Frontline. I doubt it, but I don't exactly put much past the way the story is going. At least next issue is the last one for this arc. Some may like what they're reading, but obviously it's not an overwhelming amount.

The nitpicky stuff - I just don't really care much for something that's more or less a Wampa to be the "bad guy" in a G.I.Joe story. I've been surprised to see some fans actually say they like this story arc. I've heard so much about how Manimals are bad for G.I.Joe, Cobra-La is bad, Serpentor is bad, then this is ok? This story is nothing different than any of the other "out there" ideas. Although I did like the Serpentor story at times.

Cool factor - Nothing. Nothing at all unless you really like the stories most fans have complained about when there was even a hint of what we're getting. Wampas fighting G.I.Joe comes off as what would have been if the Manimals had actually made it in the comic.

If you got the first 2 in this story arc, you might as well get the rest. Its an ok read, but nothing spectacular here. - Joe

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