Aside from, which is THE BEST G.I.Joe site out there and gets top billing
on this link page, there are others that are very good! Here you'll find links to get to
those pages if you haven't visited them before.

As I said above, this is the best site out there for G.I.Joe 3 3/4".
For news, information of past releases and more, click here!

Great G.I.Joe Sites
Action Figure Check List
A great site to use to keep track of your collection!
Cobra Island
A nice site with custom figures, trades, and more!
G.I.Joe Link Page
Tons and tons of G.I.Joe links!
Joe Customs
A great site to check out if you're into G.I.Joe customs!
Firefox's Den
Firefox's own personal tradelist, want list, and custom work.
General Hawk's Site
A great site with lots to see!
Joe Sightings
This site is a must to put on your bookmarks! Check in often to find out when the latest wave is reported to have been released!
PJDonnell's G.I.Joe Page
PJDonnell's own site with whatelse... G.I.Joe!
Stars and Stripes Forever
Another great site with news and information.
Steel Brigade Command
The Steel Brigade Club...
Timmer's G.I.Joe Page
The site that hosts the always fun Flaggs Awards, the great Pantsman adventures, and a lot more!
Tunnel Rat's Web Page
In his words.... "Visit the site! This I command!"!

Stores with 3 3/4" scale items and/or G.I.Joe
D&J Toys
Focusing on helping you create a fun display for your collection along with other fun items.
Brian's Toys
A large amount of item including G.I.Joe.
Big Bad Toy Store
Tons of stuff that includes G.I.Joe.
Entertainment Earth
Entertainment Earth has many items. G.I.Joe is just one of them.
Nice store that has lots to offer, including 1:18 scale vehicles (G.I.Joe scale).
The Marauder "Gun-Runners"
Great place to issue your small figures new guns! A wide variety of selections.
Action Figure Store
Good selection offered for the 12" collector.

Official Sites
Devils Due
The company that revived the G.I.Joe comic.
IDW has their own G.I.Joe comic offered.
Hasbro's official G.I.Joe website.

Sites Focusing on the G.I.Joe Cartoon
Quick Kick's Theater
Great site that use to bring you day to day new info. It's still a good source to check out.
The Ultimate G.I.Joe Cartoon Website
The best site featuring the G.I.Joe cartoon.

Sites with Past G.I.Joe Commercials
Commercial Archive
Just type in G.I.Joe to find some commercials that aired.

G.I.Joe Newsgroup
The only one, but it's a busy one!

G.I.Joe Mailing List
G.I.Joe Mailing List
The best "Real American Hero" mailing list!

Other G.I.Joe Sites
The Action Hour
A very funny creative website.
Some great 12" soldier figures.
Driftwood's G.I.Joe Links
A site with many more G.I.Joe links.
G.I.Joe Icons at Icon Planet
Some great G.I.Joe icons for Macintosh and Windows. Just type in a search for what you're looking for.
G.I.Joe Scale Models
It's simply as the opening of the site says, G.I.Joe like you've never seen!
Mark Cole's Website
Nice 12" figure site with helpful repair tips and amazing custom work!

Info on playing a G.I.Joe RPG.

G.I.Joe Parody
Sci-Fi Must Die!
There are so many ways to kill Sci-Fi...
The IceBreaker's Headquarters
A site dedicated to satirizing G.I.Joe, Canadian politics, and a lot of other things!

Other Forms of G.I.Joe
G.I.Joe Extreme
G.I.Joe goes Extreme and Hasbro failed.
GIjOE 12"
The original scale.
G.I. Joe - Sgt. Savage
This was the larger size line that Hasbro dropped the 3 3/4" figures in favor of. They bombed pretty fast.
G.I. Joe - Sigma 6
The Anime style G.I.Joe figure.

G.I.Joe Price Guides
Just go to the search area and type in GI JOE.

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