(June 1, 2002) Page Changes - I decided to do some changes on the website. It's nothing major, but something to help me stretch out! After 50megs decided to go pay, it left me with a lot less room on this page. It isn't worth it to actually pay for space on a server unless all of you that read this page start to multiply. This of course isn't an overly popular site, so it's pointless to put money out on it.

What I've decided to do is break up the page into different parts so that it makes things easier for me. It's still just as easy to navigate for you as always. I've also decided to add a new ratings page. This will be something that gives me a chance to actually talk about each figure individually and help free things up on my comment page. Before I was giving all my thoughts on each figure here, but I had to limit myself. The new page will be better for you if you like reading my input, and better on me so I can voice my input. - Joe

The new pages addesses are:

http://g-i-joe.50megs.com (The Same as it's been)

(June 1, 2002) 12" Cobra Commander - I didn't really have anything to say last month. I had a birthday and my wife did too, so I guess you can say I took the month off and played the Xbox we got for our birthdays! I mean I could have spoke out on the gutter the fanbase seems to be flowing along lately, but those of you that read my page probably already know this.

I'll start this month talking about the 12" Cobra Commander. I finally found him May 28th. It was the only store, which was a Wal-Mart, to have this figure in my town. They had only 2 and it was sitting on the top shelf. It wasn't even on display and they had room to hang it on the pegs. All that was there were 2 Heavy Duty figures, 1 NunChuck, and 1 Duke. I would say it's getting bad the way stores are handling G.I.Joe merchandise, but it's like this with all toy lines.

Well as for my thoughts on Cobra Commander, he's ok. He still looks like a weird mix of CC and The Crow. The tight fitting mask is either suppose to be lycra or CC's head has a severe lack of circulation at this point. The Cobra embloms are a little over doing it. There's just too many of them. Sure he's Cobra Commander, but it's like he's trying to sell a product rather than being a bad guy leader. One on the chest, maybe one on the head, and the Cobra staff is ok. Although that staff is more Serpentor than CC. His cape is fairly neat, but an item that won't be left on the figure with kids since it doesn't snap on or connect in any way. They also used the body that has the Gung Ho grip hands, which I like. I think the Gung Ho grip hands are best on figures meant to be played wit. Now if you get into display figures, then I see the point the 12" collectors are making on the hands.

Above all I'd give this Cobra Commander a six and half Cobra logos out of ten. He's nice enough to have for your collection, but he could be a lot better. Starting from here on, all future reviews will be seen on my ratings page. - Joe

(June 2, 2002) Wave 1.5 - Many people are reporting that they are finding the new wave 1.5 figures. As of yet, I still haven't seen them here. I'm only making a comment on this because many of you are probably in the same position as me. All the local stores have received an over stock of the wave 1 figures, and they are just sitting around. With those still on the shelf, it seems that wave 1.5 will take longer to hit the shelf. While this may not be true, and just my over paranoid nature, it still doesn't look good for the new stock to hit the shelf very fast. - Joe

(June 4, 2002) G.I.Joe WebDesigner List - As a G.I.Joe fan, I've created webpages on the hobby just like many others. Like many out there, I like getting input on my page from time to time just to know how it looks or if I royaly screwed up with the design. The various G.I.Joe lists are fine when you want input, but sometimes conversation gets going and your request for input gets over looked. Plus there are times you might want to discuss code or page layouts with others but you know the on topic nature of the G.I.Joe lists are not the place to do that. Well with the G.I.Joe WebBuilder list you can do all that. You can simply ask for input, ask for advise, or even trade page tips. Different people are at different levels of abilities when it comes to webpages. Maybe you have wondered how someone created a table code to perfectly setup a front page. All you have to do is ask! It's just an easier way to help out all of us webpage designers and give us a place to go without worry of boring our fellow list members on the other lists! Click here to get signed up. - Joe

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