(July 8, 2003) Update and Checking In - It's now several days into July. As you noticed I didn't type up anything for June. I've been busy doing too many things that's kept me from doing what I want to do. Even with the G.I.Joe convention that now has past I still haven't typed up anything. Well I decided to take enough of a break and do so.

The page isn't going away and the various projects I've had in mind will still happen. There's just several things that's prevented me from getting a good lead with the G.I.Joe Manga. There's just as much that's kept mefrom sitting down simply to update my page. Custom figures, well I've hit a brick wall on making them. I have fun doing it and when I take the time to do them I want as close to professional as I can get. It always ends up though where it's a paint flaking mess. So yeah for now I've kinda stepped back from completing the ones I want to complete.

Now as for updates and reviews I was doing, I'll still do them. I let 2 comics go by without commenting. The last issue of G.I.Joe and even the next one coming up is sort of pointless to even review. They're continuing a story that really isn't worth rattling on about. So following this comment within the next few days iwill be reviews of several things I've bought. I haven't reviewed the mini busts I recently got, I want to comment on the new G.I.Joe vs Transformers, and there's a few other things I wanted to say along with my thoughts on what was shown at the G.I.Joe covention.

Maybe this page is unimportant, and I know I don't get a ton of visitors, but I do feel it is my place as a G.I.Joe fan to put my thoughts out there. I know that when I've tried researching some items I thought about buying but had no idea about the items, I tried looking up info on the net. I couldn't find much on them. What I did find sounded like fanboy BS that told nothing other than that person would buy a sheet of plastic and think the company that made it was amazing with detail so long as that sheet of plastic was suppose to be a part of the collection they're buying. Now this isn't a G.I.joe item I'm talking about, but I feel by giving my thoughts, maybe it is helping somone out there know what they are buying. I know my page pulls up on searches out there and I know I get a decent amount of visits. Rest assured I will not be taking the page down and will still be updating. G.I.Joe manga will continue too just at a slower pace. - Joe

(July 8, 2003) Star Wars Galaxies - Ok yes after putting up the other post I thought about it and yes Star Wars Galaxies eating up too much of my time. I'm finding myself letting many of my projects go so I can spend time on there. Well it's new to me and I never played an online game. I just thought I'd admit to some of my attention drifting. Still I want to say none of my pages are abandoned or gone. I'll be updating and doing as I always have. Just for now aside from my busy schedule I've been relaxing in my free time playing the game.

You want to know a little about it you say? Well just head to the link I gave you and check it out. It might not be for some people, but I find it fun. You can group up and go hunting. You earn money to buy more powerful weapons. You can choose a profession and train up to be that. You can join the Rebelion or the Empire. You can just open a store and sell stuff if you want. You can pretty well do what you want to and there's more to come. Like I said it is fun, but may not be fun for everyone. If you do try it out just look me up on the "lowca" server. I created a character named Josha Bash! - Joe

(July 9, 2003) Built To Rule - Today I found 3 of the built to rule sets. They look pretty cool. I'll be doing reviews of these too along with the rest of the stuff. Anyone thinking about getting them will want to grab them up when they see what I have to say! - Joe

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