(January 1, 2003) Happy New Year - Here's wishing you a great new year in 2003! Last year was a pretty good year as far as G.I.Joe goes. We got the O ring back, we saw brand new articulation, and although it was off to a rocky start we have some great new styled sculpting! We've seen new vehicles too that aren't just repaints. All in all pretty good.

Now I know there's some of you that take anything that's not an exact same direction as the line was going originally as being a bad thing, but seriously hold up Wave 3's Snake Eyes next to your favorite Snake Eyes. Can you really say you'd like to see the figures stay as they were? Even if you don't admit it, I bet you are glad to see the change to some degree. If not, well Hasbro has given you a perfect time to call it quits while still getting some new "old style sculpts" at the same time.

So now in 2003, may all your collecting go well and make you happy! After all, that's what collecting is really about in the end. With the ups and downs of value, that plays no solid part in it. Happy 2003! - Joe

(January 1, 2003) What Happened in December? - I really don't know how many of you like reading my comments, but I know there has to be a few. Those that came to the site in December may have been wondering if the site has been abandoned! Well no it hasn't. Even though I haven't added new customs or any of that, I still try and keep the comments up to date. I didn't get to all of December. Right at the end of November my PC actually blew so bad it caught FIRE! That really sucked. I kept working on it and trying to get it up and running, but nothing seemed to work. It stayed screwed the whole month. Just this past weekend in fact is when I was able to get it running.

I appreciate the readers I have, and I appoligize for not being able to stay updated. As long as I have a PC, I'll do my best to add comments for interesting things that pop up in 2003! - Joe

(January 1, 2003) Wave 4 - I finally found wave 4 at the end of last month. It took awhile and now that I got them, Wave 5 is already showing up around the contry! I do hope that Hasbro settles down in 2003 with shipments. Every month to every other month is beginning to suck! It wouldn't be so bad if the stores did their part, but I think I can safely say we're all going broke!

But anyone interested, Wave 4 reviews are up on my rating site. No doubt Wave 5 will be following very shortly. - Joe

(January 2, 2003) 2003 plans - In case your wondering what's in store for 2003 with my various sites, I thought I'd let you in on a few of them. 2003 will probably go by as fast as last year and I won't get to accomplish all I want, but I know most will come true! Here's a quick list:

G.I.Joe Manga - This is my big project and something that I'm having fun with. Sure only issue #1 is online right now, and maybe December put me further behind than I wanted, but I have been working on the story and art. Issue #2 will be up soon and it should be a nice flow from there. I think everyone will like what they see.BR>

Customs - I have a few in mind, and also some I'm working on. These will be some fun ones that will be great addtions to the site! I think they'll be fun for you to view and also inspire some to further the ideas and make customs of their own!

Collecting - This isn't something any of you really care to know probably, but just for the sake of typing it, I thought I'd list my goal in collecting G.I.Joe this year. One thing I plan to cut back! I'm getting way too much. Most of all I'm cutting back by not getting 12" vehicles. I'll probably still get the figures, but not in the way I did. No more one to open and 1 to keep in the pack with all of them. I'll just only get the ones I like in that way which with 12" isn't that many of them. As far as the 3 3/4" line goes, it's basically more of the same, only again I won't be getting everything 1 to keep in the package and 1 to open. I gotta cut back on that. I'm far from calling it quits, but since Hasbro has to keep coming out with new waves so often, I have to slack off.

The Websites - I can say I plan to update them more often than I do, but I can't be sure of that. There's so many things that hold me back from doing what I'd like that I know I will still be lacking in updates again through the year. Just hang in there with me though. If you like what you see on my sites, just rest assured that I won't be abandoning them.

Fandom - I'll do as I have been, support those I see necessary to support. I always lend a hand when I see a fellow fan asking for help.


(January 16, 2003) G.I.Joe Manga #2 - Fianlly I was able to complete issue #2 of G.I.Joe Manga. Like I've said before, this is an ongoing comic and I will continue with issue after issue as I can provide them.

Just to recap for readers of this comment page, the first story arc will span 6 issues. Issue 7 will be clean up for the G.I.Joe team, a prolog to the first 6 issues. Issue 7 and 8 are 2 I personally can't wait for. Those 2 will introduce everyone to Ace's special hobby that the G.I.Joe team doesn't necessarily agree with. From there I have many more things in store. I do hope that readers stick with me. If you knew exactly what was to come, I think you'd be interested and want to stick around. But to tell you is to take away the fun of you reading, hehe!

I'll upload as many stories as I can through the year. At least I should get us as far as 8 and 9. - Joe

(January 16, 2003) Wave 5 - I've been looking. As usual this city has no clue how to get stuff in stock on a timely fashion. I'm still looking though. I know these can be found online, but I can't keep spending all that extra money if Hasbro is going to keep releasing this every other month.

Once I get them in hand I'll post my reviews though! - Joe

(January 16, 2003) G.I.Joe: Frontline #3 - I had talked about reviewing the different issues of the comic as they come out. I really don't have time and honestly I don't know if anyone cares what I think, hehe. The figure reviews are a little different. At any rate though, I thought I'd at least make some notes in the comment page as I get a chance, if anyone IS interested.

Issue #3 was pretty good. It doesn't exactly have that same feel as the original story had. There are elements there that work really well and are on cue with the original series. There's just some dialog that just feels rushed. Maybe that's just me. It's enjoyable but we're at the 3rd issue and I'm wondering where the story is going.

The art is great. I'm enjoying the site of old favorite characters and vehicles. The flow of the story is high paced as well, but it might be a little too much.

Over all borrowing from my rating page, I'd give this issue 7 Cobras (that's out of 10). It's a fun read but 1 and 2 just seemed to be building up to something more than 3 presented. Honestly looking at the cover for #4 it's like issue #3 was a build up to show how Storm Shadow got his new outfit and vowed to get revenge on Snake Eyes. Maybe it's more of a problem because this is suppose to be the middle story to what Josh Blaylock is up to now. In other words 7 years pushed into a few issues. Again maybe it's just me. - Joe

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