(February 18, 2006) MySpace - Still nothing new to say here yet due to not getting an upgrade to this site. I do have in mind to do so. I have actually done some new customs I want to show off. The limitations of 50megs only giving non-paying users 12 megs has me in a bind right now.

What I have done for now is opened a MySpace account. Those of you who don't know what MySpace is, it's a community webspace where you can jopin, post blogs, join groups, add other members as friends, send announcements through your friend list, and more. It's not the most amazing thing on the net, but it's quickly growing. There's lots of people joining everyday. What the space is good for to me is a place to add blog posts that is pretty much the same as my commentary section here. I'm expanding though with my thoughts on MySpace and talking about more than just G.I.Joe. So if you want to check it out, follow the link below. If you have a mySpace account or will be making one, send an invite and I'll put you on my friends list.

Joe's MySpace Link

- Joe

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