(August 7, 2005) Just an Update - If anyone has actually been coming to my site checking out the Previews listing each month, you may have noticed I didn't put it up yet. Well I haven't seen much in the idea that people have been using it again. Other sites have started doing it again. While others are putting the listing up, I'll take the time to step back. If anyone actually prefers what I have listed, just send me an email and I'll keep listing it. But if I don't get any email, I'll just stop listing it.

If you haven't noticed I haven't listed any new customs in a while. It's not that I don't have anything new to add, I've run out of room. My free site only lets me have 12 megs. I plan to upgrade though soon. When I do I'll have new stuff up on site. I'm going to do some redesigning too. There will be some welcome additions on the custom page too. Stay tuned for further info when I upgrade! The new banner at the bottom of my page throwing the centering off isn't my idea. That's another reason I want to upgrade to get rid of the banners. - Joe

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