(April 2, 2004) G.I.Joe #28 - I really hate to say it but other than the last few issues before Josh Blaylock left, I'm really liking the story better that Brandon Jerwa is presenting. While still not on par with what one who's been with G.I.Joe for a long time might hope for, but it's still a good read. Since he's come into the picture, each issue has brought some older vehicle use along side new stuff in the toyline. Also new characters have been getting used much in the style that Larry Hama used to bring in the new guys.

There were some things about the book that I just wouldn't think should be there as each issue has been. After last issue, "General Abernathy", Hawk as we know him, is all over Scarlett and Snake Eyes for the way the events unfolded. It was a situation very unlike what one would come to thing would take place with these 3 characters. Actually Brandon Jerwa has been making more of a point to have Hawk and Snake Eyes seem to clash, and it's just not in character. There's some "shadowed" scenes with Hawk and evil looking drawings of his eyes that makes me wonder how far off it is before we see the dumb idea of Venomis Maximous in the comic. Devils Due had made the claim that he will not be a part of their story unless they just have to do it due to Hasbro. Since issue #25 I've just been wondering. The only other thing I can say is this is a response to the "no ninja" posts that get made by "fans" that remember the original story run different than it was.

Through the story we get an introduction to 6 characters that will be taking part in this issue. Hacker, Depth Charge, and Barrel Roll of the toyline and then 3 all new characters. One of them, Mayday, has been a "greenshirt" slowly rising up. Then there's Vorona and Mariner. We also see what's sure to be a large setup for Destro growing in power with the Iron Grenadiers as he left Cobra this issue. For some reason that I'm sure we'll find out, Brandon Jerwa decided Baroness wasn't going with him. As mentioned of older vehicles, The Cobra Hydro Sled and Moray Hydrofoil show up. Also usage of the Lampreys and Copperhead were great to see. Most of the events that take place here just read as foreshadowing to something coming up though. A lot takes place, but you know it's just the start.

Pick this one up if you haven't. Not just for the collection, but you'll like the story well enough. The Devils Due fanboys will make you think that anything done in the new comic is better than anything ever done before, but that's not the case here. It's as good as the original run but on it's own level if you know what I mean. If drifts from some continuity, but leaving behind that continuity problem, it's a good story. I guess my Cobra rating scale, of 0 - 10 I give it a 7. - Joe

(April 2, 2004) G.I.Joe ReLoaded #1 - ReLoaded... G.I.Joe Matrix? There could have been a better name to have put on this. G.I.Joe: Hollywood Style is more what this is to me. I guess there are fans out there liking this. It's doing pretty well on the shelf, but it's not on the top of my list. Maybe it's because it's a fresh start and those fans do not have to worry about continuity to read this. Either way it's not what I would like to see. This could have been done but read like the Cobra Reborn comic.

Part of my problem is there's too much modern day slang all through it. I'm more for the idea that if you're writting a comic, this will be read years and years from now. Modern slang will be as up to date and sound just as stupid as if a current comic used slang from the 60's. It's just something I feel should be steered away from. G.I.Joe seems like rank amatures here. While they actually are in this story, I can't tell if it's due to the writting of them being a new team or just bad writting all together. The G.I.Joe team doesn't seem to mesh very well either and I get a sense that these people do not like each other. Again either it's bad writting or there's little jabs at each other through out. Cobra seems more meshed together. The tension between each character versus willingness to follow orders works and comes across clear. The insanity of Snake Eyes just seems like a "ninja hater" taking a jab at one of the most popular characters of the line. It just reads as if John Ney Rieber doesn't like the character and didn't know anything to do with him so he made him crazy. Then he decided to read the old comic Team America and made him just like the character Maruader. Storm Shadow further borrows from the Matrix theme as he looks like Keanu Reeves in white. There's a page where the top panel shows Snake Eyes doing a "look I'm crazy" scene and Flint is drawn to be looking right at him. This scene would last a minute at most on screen, but yet Flints answers to the questions of where Snake Eyes went, "Where'd who go, I never saw him...". Miscommunication with the artist and script maybe? I don't know. Dialog just breaks down from here, but finally Snake Eyes gets "accepted" as saving the team so he gets to hang out with the "cool crowd" now I guess.

By the end of this I still feel more like cheering Cobra on than worry about any of this G.I.Joe team. It'll be interesting to see how this comic shapes up, but eventually the fans that are 100% into this comic will start noticing some of the things I've pointed out. At first they may not be that big a deal, but that day will come that the character they've always liked does somthing very out of place for the character. It'll strike you as odd and you'll flip back through some of the other issues with questions that to me look like the answers are going nowhere. Well unless you are a fan of the Cobra side of this story. Again Cobra just is being more rounded out and made to appeal more as the simpathetic characters. Even the few pages that was in this issue outshined all of the G.I.Joe scenes. But this is like I side, Hollywood style G.I.Joe, and maybe that's what the point is. The G.I.Joe movie is coming up so Devils Due is making an attempt to present something as they feel will be in the movie and capitalize on that for some extra sales? Who knows, I'm just sticking with the regular run and just reading this only to see where it goes. - Joe

(April 2, 2004) G.I.Joe vs Transformers #6 (DW) - The art of this book is and has been a little too stylistic to me. It's also taking an awful long time to finish. The over all story is pretty good. I do find some wording to be odd and might could have stood a little more careful attention. As I read this however, it's the distraction of the art that keeps going back for me. It's like reading Sam Kieth doing this story.

From what I gather the story is over. It was suppose to just last 6 issues, but the ending just is too open. It's an ending in there... somewhere, but it ended like you feel there's more to come. I guess they may do another mini series? I'll probably skip it if they do. This just wasn't that great to me. Devils Due, since they had to bring back a G.I.Joe vesus Transformers idea, did a better job. - Joe

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