(April 1, 2003) Previews Last Week - Last week I didn't post about Previews coming out. I did post the previous month's though. I just wanted to say that I didn't post it because I'm now submitting the news to CovertMissions, yojoe, and have been submitting to qktheatre. Rather than posting it again here, I'm going to start giving links to each site so you can click and read there, plus see the other various news events that's been posted for the day. Now why I didn't post last week is because each yojoe and covertmissions wasn't able to get the news up until later, and I just forgot to say something about qktheatre by the end of the week. - Joe

(April 2, 2003) G.I.Joe Issue #16 - Here's another month gone by and another issue of G.I.Joe! First let's get the credits out of the way. Story - Josh Blaylock, Pencils - Tim Seeley, Inks - Cory Hamscher, Colors - Hi-Fi Colour Design, Letters - Dreamer Design, Copy Edits - Scott Wherle, Graphic Design - Mike Norton, Cover - Francis Manapul & Cory Hamscher, Back Cover - David Michael Beck, Zanya Pin-Up - Tim Seeley, and Military Consultant - Tim Everett.

Now for the comic, do not read any further if you haven't read the comic and do plan on getting it. I give full descriptions and there are plenty of spoilers. The review is more for those who haven't bought the book and might not. Or those who have read it and are just interested in what someone else has to say about it! : )

The cover of course is what you see first on this one. I mean I have a pull list, but seeing it on the shelf, you see the really nice cover. It has a very McFarlane's Spawn look to it. I know there's fans out there of G.I.Joe that will see that as bad, but this is a cover that gets attention! It's nice. The story it's self is also nice. It's a rather simple one that obviously sets up another story arc. It has to do with a boy that we're shown does drawings that nobody can figure out. The kid ends up getting kidnapped and seems to even go willingly. We end up seeing G.I.Joe getting involved and they don't necessarily understanding why. As it progresses we find out another kid is taken. The rest is a chase scene and some running around. It's nothing else really to say there, but it ends up with Mindbender making a comment that we can be sure leads into the new story arc. At the end of the story we get to see a a "blueprint" of level 1 from the new Pit! We're sure to see each level with issues to come! Also worth a mention is a cool pin-up of Zanya. It's a pretty nice drawing showing her in a cool grey/blue Dreadnok logo shirt with flames on the sleeves. It'd be cool seeing her figure made like this! Also on the back is a really nice painting of Spirit done by David Michael Beck.

The nitpicky stuff - The characters read like they're right off the cartoon. While cartoon fanatics will be fine with that, the continuity is suppose to be comic with a mix of the cartoon thrown in. Snake Eyes is running around without his mask. While that's ok, he has a rather nice looking face. The only scar to be seen is the one he got from his battle with Storm Shadow a few issue back. Last we saw him in Marvel, he still had a scar on his left eye and a scar on the right side of his mouth. Snake Eyes seems to be somewhat weak when we see him in action.

Cool factor - Firewall, one of Mainframes assistances, is wearing a JEM t-shirt! That's one of those extra little things that just wasn't necessaory to do, but was really cool they did!

I'll recommend this comic to any G.I.Joe fan. It's an enjoyable story that you don't have to woory all that much about back stories and such things. You can just read and enjoy. It's also a cool jump in point for anyone who has thought about getting the comic but haven't done so yet. - Joe

(April 2, 2003) G.I.Joe: Frontline Issue #6 - Story - Dan Jolley & Drew Johnson, Script & Letters - Dan Jolley, Pencils I (1-10 & 13-22) - Drew Johnson, Pencils II (11-12) - Tom Feister, Inks - Ray Snyder, Colors - JD Mettler, and Cover - Tony Harris.

This is Icebound Chapter Two: "Early Thaw", do not read any further if you haven't read the comic and do plan on getting it. I give full descriptions and there are plenty of spoilers. The review is more for those who haven't bought the book and might not. Or those who have read it and are just interested in what someone else has to say about it! : )

The cover is rather straight forward. You get and action shot of Snake Eyes and Duke doing their best in battle with an obvious threat very different than most enemies they've faced. The story opens up and continues where it last left off. This issue really just goes from point "A" to point "B". It reads as if the G.I.Joe team has come upon a base that's on the set of Alien. This isn't over with this issue, and through reading it, you kind of feel it could be. It does just stretch out. It's and explaination story where you read what events led up to this. Over all it's a decent read, but nothing spectacular.

The nitpicky stuff - I still say these monsters G.I.Joe is fighting would normally generate a lot of problems with fans. I'm really not understanding why most haven't ssaid they feel badly about the story direction. I can't say based on last issue what people will say, but I really feel that fans will see this "threat" no different than if the Manimals showed up.

Cool factor - Nothing really to say here. It was just a straight no frills issue.

This was a good read. I'm rather shocked by the amount of fans who did like last issue. I'd have thought it wouldn't have received as much good votes as it did. That said, anyone who liked last issue should pick up this issue for sure. I'm sure most already were going to though! Anyone who hasn't read it should go ahead and get last issue and this one. Give it a try. It is a different type of story, but it's not bad. - Joe

(April 2, 2003) Comic Reviews - I just wanted to say that you may notice I did the reviews a little different. I'm trying to work it out to best give an accurate review for those who like reading this. I might try some other ideas too as I go along. - Joe

(April 3, 2003) Transformers vs G.I.Joe - Some new images have come out courtesy of Josh Blaylock! In these images we see the Transformers changing from familar Cobra vehicles into Decepticons. This is really cool as one image is a very obvious Rattler transformed into either Starscream or Thundercracker.

I had thought this project was going to be bad. When I first heard the announcement of this being greenlighted I rolled my eyes. Many fans did. It's been a lot of speculation about what the story would be. If handled in the way the original was, there was no way any fan was wanting to show any sign of support. Oh sure there are fans that will post on the Devils Due board saying they support anything and everything. Josh decides that Cobra Commander is now Daffy Duck, sure, there's some fans out there that will say that idea is the greatest, but when an issue in question comes out, the numbers really show who bought it. Now however we know more about it!

The story is an "elseworld" or alternate universe story. This alone made everyone's ear perk up. Fans decided to listen and see what it was going to be. Now we're hearing that the Transformers are being retro-fitted as Cobra weapons and that Optimus Prime is one of the key players that start to break free of the control Cobra has over them. It's an all out battle that really sounds like a fun read over all. I just hope this isn't a bait and switch in that once fans actually say they like it and all, I hope Josh doesn't change the alternate reality idea into a "true continuity". That part we'll just have to wait and see. But here's the images that were posted for you to check out: http://www.devilsdue.net/Joe_Transformers. - Joe

(April 3, 2003) Addition to G.I.Joe #16 Comments - Fellow fan Christian Cloke emailed me about something I just over looked. I really truthfully did not pay attention to this! Christian pointed out that the names of the kids presented in issue #16's story correspond to a certain character that's caused controversy in the past. Now this character has been confirmed in Wizard to be making an appearance this year. He is Serpentor! The 2 kids that are shown are being taken by another character that appears to be in his teens. His name is Hannibal. The 2 kid's name is Alexander and Julius. Christian pointed out that these names do tie into the big historical names of history which was used in Serpentor's cloning.

What does this mean? Well, wait and see is about the most we can do. Josh Blaylock has a direction he's going with this obviously. We know that issue #25 is his last issue on the ongoing series as the regular writer and he did say he wanted to stir up some stuff. These kids may very well be leading up to Serpentor's appearance. Christian suggests that maybe these are leftover clones when Serpentor was made. While I don't actually follow that idea exactly, I think they are some sort of key that Josh will be using in Serpentor's return. It's too early to really know where it's all going, but one thing's for sure, Mindbender's comment at the end of the story does hold more meaning when you do connect Serpentor into the over all picture! - Joe

(April 9, 2003) Kids Overheard in the Toy Aisle - Today I was back at Target seeing if they restocked the G.I.Joe figures after I hit it yesterday. I passed by the Masters of the Universe figures that hasn't had a new restock in almost 2 months, Yu-Gi-Oh that has a solid stock that you can't tell if it sells or they just keep it that restocked, Transformers that get fresh stock almost everyday, and several other figure lines that just looks like Target has let them go, the G.I.Joe section had the same figures there that was there yesterday. Nothin new, and nothing moved.

I went down a way as some kids came up to the G.I.Joe section. I always watch what the kids say when they group around the 3 3/4" figures. Well they weren't looking at those. They were grabbing several 12" figures. Most of all they were grabbing the desert camo ones. But they were looking at others. They only looked at the ones that were traditional or near traditional dressed figures. They were liking the footlockers with several weapons in it too. These kids were obviously 2 different ages. One was around 10 - 12 and the other was around 6 - 8. You could hear a difference in the way they were seeing what was on the shelf.

Now I'm not saying this like I had a revelation in thought or that this is something new to discover. What I'm getting at is that the younger kid did eventually drift over looking at the 3 3/4" figures. He gave it glances and even started to pick up one. The older kid just kept looking at the 12" figures and ignored the younger one. What is odd is that the youger kid was looking at the Yu-Gi-Oh figures and seemed to classify the 3 3/4" G.I.Joe in the same basic category. Basically in a super hero type idea. Not as military or anything like that. It got me wondering, does kids see the Real American Hero line as nothing more than a super hero toy and the whole military aspect is just put aside? Or maybe the military side is just a gimmick to them put into a super hero toy? I don't know what was up, but I do know that G.I.Joe 3 3/4" is as popular to kids as can be expected of a line that doesn't have a cartoon. Maybe once the cartoon finally hits the air it'll show them how to play with the Real American Hero line line it seems is required these days. - Joe

(April 9, 2003) Inside Edition - Today on Inside Edition was a report that made me laugh. They were doing a report about how rock stars, movie stars, and other people in the public eye are wearing camouflage in support of the war and America. They showed several people who have been wearing camo as part of their image for quite a while and even way before all of the current events have taken place. They were pushing the whole things about fashion and "pride" but really making themselves look stupid in the process. Now what was the main part I found funny was when they went into the idea that Hasbro has re-released G.I.Joe figures in support of America. They had a guy that was suppose to "know what he was talking about" saying that Hasbro had done this to help kids with the war and give them something to relate to. This while holding up a 12" figure that has been out since last year. There was no mention of previous releases or anything about the fact that this are regular releases by Hasbro. It was all just because the war in Inside Edition's eyes.

Now I'm naturally summing up what was said and not giving exact quotes. I can't remember exact quotes. I just found it really stupid, but then again Inside Edition is getting to be nothing more than a National Enquire on tv. There's nothing but crazy stories mixed with a lot of mis-information. While just the idea of G.I.Joe being mentioned will boost some sales, it would have been nice if they got the facts straight and actually did a report like they should have when relating G.I.Joe and the war. I have no doubts that the war does cause kids to latch onto military themed toys somewhat, but also there could have been a more tasteful, more informational story that would have really sounded better and more important, sounded more educated from a suposed news information show. - Joe

(April 9, 2003) Wave 6 and Ratings - As I mentioned, I got Wave 6 yesterday. I found them at Target, but Wal-Mart apparently got them at the same time. It's really crazy that they got the figures, but still no Smoke Screen or Sky Sweeper! I want to see these for myself and do a review as it's so big a difference in opinion around the net on them. If you're interested in my thoughts on Wave 6, check them out on my figure rating page. - Joe

(April 15, 2003) Tax Day - I thought it would be only fitting that I made some sort of comment on taxes. I had to pay and many of you had to I'm sure. Without the usual complaints and such, I just wanted to say I hope all went well! - Joe

(April 15, 2003) Cobra Tread Fire and Missile Storm - On another search for the Sky Sweeper and Smoke Screen, I found the Cobra Tread Fire and Missile Storm. I wasn't expecting these as everything is overly late around here. I quickly snatched them up. Wal-Mart of all places had them! If you're interested, I've got the reviews up on my Figure Rating page. - Joe

(April 15, 2003) Target - This week's Target sales ad has some G.I.Joe stuff on sale. They have the figures for $5.88 and the large vehicles for $11.88. I've been to the store twice now (yesterday and today), sure the figures are up to date with Wave 6, but they do not have the up to date vehicles. Target could get away with it if they hadn't put the Smoke Screen in the ad. Both today and yesterday I saw people looking for the same vehicles I was. They wasn't able to find it. I even talked to a woman that was incharge of stocking the shelves. She wasn't even bothering to listen to what I was saying and pretty much just gave attitude for me even bothering her. This really sucks!

I wanted to say that anyone going to Target looking for the advertised products, but finding none of it, email the main office of Target and complain. Yeah this might sound low to some, but in order to make a change, something has to be done rather than just complaining in general on various lists to other fans/friends with the same problem. It's getting really bad out there and I know there's even worse than I have it. You can send a complaint here.

I really hate to complain to corporate office because I really like the store. It's just that it isn't even the toy department suffering. I've seen cities that has run down Target stores and I'd hate to see the one in my town go there. I know there's many of you in the same situation as me.

On another note, the mini vehicles are also on sale for $7.88 is you can find something you're looking for. - Joe

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